Sunday, September 17, 2017

STOCK MARKET CRASH WARNING: “Reversal Could Happen Quickly And Strongly…Likely To Induce Panic”

"After 8 years of reckless central bank policies and bubbling stock prices, today one of the greats in the business issued a stock market crash warning.
September 14 (King World News) – Art Cashin, Head of Floor Operations at UBS:  Of Calendars And Cautions – This year has seen many longstanding seasonal patterns fail to perform. Sell in May and Go Away was a clear loss maker this year. The traditional market weakness in August and September has been stood on its head. Sharp-eyed Keene Little over at Option Investor thinks it may have to do with a different “pattern”, the one that comes in a year ending in a seven. 
Here’s a bit of what Keene wrote: 
While we should be looking over our shoulder for potential trouble, the market has been ignoring the troubling signs and that could continue longer than most think possible. Don’t fight the trend is clearly the message after just a 3-wave pullback in August. The pattern of the rally off the August 21st low is not clean but the choppy move higher fits as an ending pattern. So I would definitely not get complacent about the current rally. Don’t fight it but be careful joining it. I have a feeling the reversal from it could happen quickly and strongly..."

INVESTORS PREPARE: China To Launch Massive Bull Market In Gold And These Surprising Markets

"Today one of the greats in the business warned King World News that investors should prepare for China to launch a massive bull market in gold and these surprising markets.
China To Launch Massive Bull Market In Gold
Dr. Stephen Leeb: 
China never rests on its laurels, and China is always thinking ahead.  As we reported recently, China plans to take control of the Eastern oil market – the world’s most dynamic oil market, control over which is likely to lead to China’s control of oil markets outside the East. It’s a step that will lead to a gold-backed yuan being widely used in trade – not just oil trading but trade in general – throughout the East and possibly beyond. It is step that is in the process of launching gold into an epic bull market as gold becomes the center of a new monetary order…"

Monday, August 28, 2017

"We're Back In The '60s Again" - Bomb-Shelter Sales Are Booming In The US And Japan

"US-based bomb-shelter manufacturers should maybe think about buying Kim Jong Un a fruit basket.
According to McClatchy, sales have in both the US and Japan have risen dramatically this year as President Donald Trump and Kim have exchanged threats of nuclear annihilation. US and Japanese defense officials now believe the North is in possession of a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto one of its ICBMS. The isolated country launched three short-range missiles into the East Sea Friday night – its first missile test in nearly a month – after US officials had praised Kim’s restraint earlier in the week..."


Russia deploys new submarines to Mediterranean Sea

"Russia has sent two modernized submarines equipped with advanced stealth technologies to the Mediterranean Sea as part of efforts to reinforce naval presence off the Syrian coast.
"The Black Sea fleet's new large diesel and electric submarines, Kolpino and Veliky Novgorod ... have arrived in the Mediterranean," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on its website on Monday.
The ministry added that the two stealth submarines were fitted with new navigation systems, fully automatized control systems, high-precision missiles and powerful torpedo equipment.
The submarines, classified by NATO as "Improved Kilo" class, were built in the northwestern city of Saint Petersburg and are designed for anti-ship and anti-submarine operations in mid-depth waters. They are capable of holding a crew of 50 and have a top underwater speed of 20 knots and a cruising range of 400 miles..."


EXCLUSIVE–‘Like the Last Scene of Star Wars’: Sebastian Gorka Compares Battle Against Globalist Cabal to Rebel Alliance Fighting Evil Empire

"Gorka’s resignation—which some in low-level White House positions have inaccurately claimed was not a resignation—came amid major battles he fought alongside Bannon against the “West Wing Democrats.” (Bannon has returned to Breitbart News as the Executive Chairman after he stepped down from the White House. Gorka detailed in this interview how he is likely to engage in a number of roles outside the White House helping the president with his agenda, including in some capacity here at Breitbart News, but also in other places throughout the movement pushing an America-First “Make America Great Again,” or MAGA, agenda.)..."


China condemns unilateral US sanctions against Venezuela

"China has denounced the newly-imposed US sanctions against Venezuela, saying unilateral measures would be of no avail and could only make things more complex.
The condemnation was made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a daily news briefing in the capital Beijing on Monday, after the White House announced a new range of economic sanctions against Caracas, including a ban on business dealings with the Venezuelan government and its oil companies.
Asked about the new US measure, Hua said China's position has consistently been to respect the sovereignty and independence of other countries and not to interfere in their internal affairs.
"The present problem in Venezuela should be resolved by the Venezuelan government and people themselves," the Chinese official said at the news briefing..."


Russian nuclear-capable bombers fly near North Korea amid US drills

"Russia has sent nuclear-capable bombers near North Korea amid an ongoing military exercise by the United States and South Korea in the region and at a time of heightened tensions over North Korea’s intensified missile activity.
Japanese and South Korean militaries said Thursday that they had scrambled fighter jets to escort Russia’s Tupolev-95MS bombers after they flew over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea.
Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed the bombers had been dispatched to the area and said the mission was part of regular flights conducted over neutral waters.
“Our long-range aviation pilots, according to an established plan, regularly carry out flights over neutral waters over the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean from their bases and from tactical airfields,” said the ministry in a statement, without elaborating on how many aircraft had been involved or when the mission had taken place.
The statement said refueling was carried out during the mission, adding that Japanese and South Korean military jets escorted the TU-95MS bombers during parts of the route..."


North Korea launches trio of missiles amidst US-South Korea military drills


Tokyo Concerned Over Chinese Bombers Patrolling Japanese Border

"Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said Friday his country had voiced concern to Beijing after chasing away six Chinese bombers from its southern frontiers.
TOKYO (Sputnik) — Despite there was no violation of the international law, Japanese authorities were "analyzing motives" of the Chinese side sending jets to the region, the Kyodo news agency reported quoting the minister.
China's H-6 medium-range bombers flew between the islands of Okinawa and Miyakojima and approached the Kii peninsula in the south of of Honshu. This was the first time they followed that route, according to Onodera.
Japanese fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the planes although they did not intrude into the Japanese airspace. Tokyo's response was handed over diplomatic channels and there was no official note of protest..."


North Korea missile tests didn't fail, US military says in revised report

"North Korea fired three short-range missiles on Saturday -- all successful -- despite earlier reports suggesting failure, according to the U.S. military.
Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the projectiles fired from the North's eastern coast flew about 155 miles. It said South Korea and U.S. militaries were analyzing the launch and didn't immediately provide more details..."


Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Says US Orchestrated Manipulation Of The Gold Market Is Collapsing And ‘Vampire Squid’ Goldman Sachs Is Moving In For The Kill

"Today London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that the U.S. orchestrated manipulation of the gold market is now collapsing and that ‘Vampire Squid’ Goldman Sachs is looking to take full advantage of the upcoming implosion of London Gold Pool II by moving in for the kill.
We’re Witnessing Massive Global Gold Demand
Andrew Maguire: 
 “Eric, we have been witnessing large accumulations of bullion by sovereigns seeking to start averaging into gold sub-$1,300 and silver sub-$17. For the last 3 weeks, we have evidenced over 3+ tonnes of daily physical gold accumulations by these very large buyers…"

Greyerz – The Clock Is Ticking…This Is When The Global Panic Begins

"Today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, told King World News this is when the global panic begins…
The Clock Is TickingEgon von Greyerz:  “There are lies damned lies and central bank gold statistics. Total official gold holdings are reported to be 33,000 tonnes. That is 19% of all the gold ever produced in world history. But how can anyone ever believe any of these figures. Because no central bank ever has a public audit of all its gold holdings. Since the gold belongs to the people, they have the right to know if the gold actually exists, especially since the gold reserves are backing the currency…"

ALERT: Former Soros Associate Just Warned This Is Why The Gold & Silver Markets Are On Fire Today

"As we kickoff what promises to be a wild week of trading, today a former associate of George Soros just warned King World News that this is why the gold and silver markets are on fire today.
Victor Sperandeo manages over $3 billion, has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros.  Below is what Sperandeo had to say.
August 28 (King World News) – Victor Sperandeo:  “The reason the gold and silver markets are on fire today is because China’s stock market hit a new (roughly one-year) high today, and China is the big buyers of metals. So If you look at the action today, platinum is up $9, palladium is up as well, all the metals are all up…"

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The World Will See Skyrocketing Gold & Silver Prices

"Everyone is focused on the mania in stocks that comprise the Dow and Nasdaq, but the world will see skyrocketing gold and silver prices.
Dow to Gold Ratio – 100 Year Historical Chart
MacroTrends:  This interactive chart tracks the ratio of the Dow Jones Industrial Average to the price of gold. The number tells you how many ounces of gold it would take to buy the Dow on any given month. Previous cycle lows have been 1.94 ounces in February of 1933 and 1.29 ounces in January of 1980..."

Chinese Gold-Backed Currency To Be Unveiled As This Major Market Surges

"Today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that the Chinese will unveil a gold-backed currency as this major market surges…
Stephen Leeb:  “As we approach the end of July, gold has eked out a 2 percent gain for the month. Not bad, but considerably below the 8 percent gains in commodities like oil and copper. The point, however, is that trends in all commodities are linked to each other and to gold (which is both a commodity and a currency-in-waiting). I like all commodities here, and that’s a big reason for liking gold – which, as I said in last week’s interview, has likely bottomed as China’s financial markets have become more open and transparent…"

Sunday, May 21, 2017

ALERT: All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Spree Continues! Also Covering Gold Shorts!

"With the gold and silver markets rallying, King World News is pleased to report that the all-time record silver short covering spree continues!  Commercials also continued to cover gold shorts!
All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Continues! (10-year chart)
Below is a look at a longer-term 23-year chart of commercial shorts in the silver market…"


Celente – Look At These Shocking Indicators That Are Closing In On 2008 Collapse Lows

"On the heels of a wild week of trading in global markets, Gerald Celente spoke with King World News about shocking indicators that are closing in on 2008 collapse lows.
Gerald Celente:  “Look at the debt bubble in China. They had a total debt of about $500 billion 20 years ago.  Today it’s around $30 trillion.  Look at the home prices in the hot markets in China — they barely rose in the last month.  And take a look at what’s going on in Australia.  So it’s more than just Canada and the United States.  It’s global.  Look at the prices in Hong Kong going through the roof.  So, yes, it’s an over-speculation.  But let’s go back to the cars.  You mentioned the subprime auto crisis.  Well, anybody remember the subprime housing crisis?  It’s just a different crisis with a new name.  And when you look at the facts, you are looking at about 7.5% of loans moving into arrears (default) in the last 30 days.  At the height of the panic of 2008, it was around 10%.  So it’s closing in on that (2008 collapse number).  Then you look at the total United States’ debt and it tops the pre-crisis panic of 2008 peak.  These are facts.  And then you look at where the…"


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Legend Warns This Is The Terrifying Thing About This Mania

"Eric King:  “When it comes to printing money, you and I kept saying for a long time, and I’ve discussed this with others like David Tice, that you eventually have to print more and more money just to create $1 of GDP.  So you get to $3, $4, $5, $6 (of printed money just to create just $1 of GDP).  That has to end in disaster, doesn’t it?”..."


China Shocker Being Hidden From The Public Out Of Fear It Will Create Worldwide Panic Buying In Gold

"As we come to the end of the second week of trading in May, a China shocker is being hidden from the public out of fear it will create worldwide panic buying in gold.
Today King World News received an email question regarding the article below about China.  The email question ultimately has to do with China’s massive gold reserves, the People’s Bank Of China (PBOC), the Silk Road and more…"


Sunday, May 7, 2017

ALERT: Commercials Just Covered Massive Number Of Silver Short Positions!

"With the gold and silver markets attempting to stabilize, King World News is pleased to report that the commercials have already covered a massive amount of their short positions!
Commercials Just Covered Massive Number Silver Shorts (10-year chart)
Below is a look at a longer-term 23-year chart of commercial shorts in the silver market…"