Sunday, March 26, 2017

Andrew Maguire – This Will Rock The Gold Market And Shock The World

"On the heels of the gold market assaulting the key $1,250 level, today whistleblower Andrew Maguire spoke with King World News about what is going to rock the gold market and shock the world.
India Underpinning Gold Price
Andrew Magiure: 
 “From a wholesale market perspective, we are observing that Asian and Middle Eastern wholesale demand remains strong. Dips are being bought as we head into strong options related defense at $1,250 gold and $18.00 sliver. Options expire on Tuesday.  However, Indian demand remains steady at current prices, which is important as we move into the auspicious gold buying festivals and marriage season. I think this wholesale demand stays very strong at a minimum into the $1,250’s before it is reassessed. This will serve to underpin the gold price…"

Warren Buffett And The Greatest Crisis Facing The World Today

"On the heels of a rough couple of weeks in major markets, today King World News takes a look at Warren Buffett and the greatest crisis facing the world today.
Warren Buffett And The Greatest Crisis Facing The World
Stephen Leeb: 
 “Do I think everyone – young and old – should own gold? Without a doubt. Or at the very least, if you can’t afford to purchase a gold coin or buy shares in a mining company or gold ETF, you can own silver. Silver coins are available for around $20…"