Sunday, May 21, 2017

ALERT: All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Spree Continues! Also Covering Gold Shorts!

"With the gold and silver markets rallying, King World News is pleased to report that the all-time record silver short covering spree continues!  Commercials also continued to cover gold shorts!
All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Continues! (10-year chart)
Below is a look at a longer-term 23-year chart of commercial shorts in the silver market…"


Celente – Look At These Shocking Indicators That Are Closing In On 2008 Collapse Lows

"On the heels of a wild week of trading in global markets, Gerald Celente spoke with King World News about shocking indicators that are closing in on 2008 collapse lows.
Gerald Celente:  “Look at the debt bubble in China. They had a total debt of about $500 billion 20 years ago.  Today it’s around $30 trillion.  Look at the home prices in the hot markets in China — they barely rose in the last month.  And take a look at what’s going on in Australia.  So it’s more than just Canada and the United States.  It’s global.  Look at the prices in Hong Kong going through the roof.  So, yes, it’s an over-speculation.  But let’s go back to the cars.  You mentioned the subprime auto crisis.  Well, anybody remember the subprime housing crisis?  It’s just a different crisis with a new name.  And when you look at the facts, you are looking at about 7.5% of loans moving into arrears (default) in the last 30 days.  At the height of the panic of 2008, it was around 10%.  So it’s closing in on that (2008 collapse number).  Then you look at the total United States’ debt and it tops the pre-crisis panic of 2008 peak.  These are facts.  And then you look at where the…"


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Legend Warns This Is The Terrifying Thing About This Mania

"Eric King:  “When it comes to printing money, you and I kept saying for a long time, and I’ve discussed this with others like David Tice, that you eventually have to print more and more money just to create $1 of GDP.  So you get to $3, $4, $5, $6 (of printed money just to create just $1 of GDP).  That has to end in disaster, doesn’t it?”..."


China Shocker Being Hidden From The Public Out Of Fear It Will Create Worldwide Panic Buying In Gold

"As we come to the end of the second week of trading in May, a China shocker is being hidden from the public out of fear it will create worldwide panic buying in gold.
Today King World News received an email question regarding the article below about China.  The email question ultimately has to do with China’s massive gold reserves, the People’s Bank Of China (PBOC), the Silk Road and more…"


Sunday, May 7, 2017

ALERT: Commercials Just Covered Massive Number Of Silver Short Positions!

"With the gold and silver markets attempting to stabilize, King World News is pleased to report that the commercials have already covered a massive amount of their short positions!
Commercials Just Covered Massive Number Silver Shorts (10-year chart)
Below is a look at a longer-term 23-year chart of commercial shorts in the silver market…"


Whistleblower Andrew Maguire – 500/1 Leverage In The Gold Market And The BIS Intervention To Save Trillions Of Dollars Of Derivatives

"On the heels of a couple of weeks of carnage in the gold and silver markets, today whistleblower Andrew Maguire spoke with King World News about 500/1 leverage in the gold market and the BIS intervention to save trillions of dollars of derivatives.
Andrew Maguire: The essential point is that the officials may still have control of the synthetic markets, but they are increasingly constrained in their activities by the outflows of the underlying physical fractionally underwriting these synthetic (bullion bank) short positions. It is not possible to have a paper market price that remains dislocated from the physical market without it failing, or a deliverable price being dragged up higher. 
Why? Because the resulting spot gold and silver benchmark price resulting from the creation of synthetic supply is deliverable in the global physical markets, which key off the resulting over-the-counter spot gold price in London, or for that matter Comex positions that can be exchanged for physical at the London spot price. This is the paper market’s Achilles heel.  Each time we witness officials forced to defend trillions of dollars worth of fractional reserve gold positions, they erode their synthetic base a little more and bring forward the day there will be insufficient synthetic supply to offset physical offtake..."