Sunday, September 27, 2015

China Is Preparing To Shock The World

"After another wild week of trading in global markets, today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that China is preparing to shock the world.
King World News - Bill Fleckenstein - China's Gold Accumulation And Their Plans For The Yuan, Stocks Struggle, Plus A Bonus Q&A
Stephen Leeb:  “Someone from the IMF just said that the chances are 99 percent that China will get approved for reserve currency status.  If they do (get approved), how long before China says, ‘Now that we are approved as a reserve currency, now that the world can trade with the yuan, we want to put a little more backbone in our currency, how about backing part of our currency with gold?’  That is definitely going to happen, Eric…
KWN Maguire II 3:27:2015
“If you put all this together, Eric, you have a case for gold.  China is going to back their currency with gold.  
I have in front of me on my screen four different assets — gold, oil, stocks, and bonds.  And the date I have (at the beginning of the charts) is 9/30/2007.  Why is that date important?  Because that is when the world changed.  That was the beginning of the Great Recession and everything changed after that point.
KWN Leeb I 9:27:2015
Gold Vs. Stocks Since The Great Recession Began
Now, if you asked anybody:  What has been the best performing asset over these past 8 years?  The last answer you are going to get is gold.  Yet gold has outperformed bonds by about 17 percent, stocks by 30 percent, and no one knows it..."

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