Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Previous format of EU-Russia relations impossible, undesirable — Russia’s EU envoy

"BRUSSELS, September 15. /TASS/. Russia’s EU envoy Vladimir Chizhov believes that in the current situation a "business-as-usual" type of relations between the European Union and Russia is neither possible nor desirable.
At a certain point, he recalled, Russia proceeded from the assumption that "our cooperation is genuinely strategic — long-term, mutually beneficial and mutually dependent, and that our EU partners regard it precisely that way."
"Regrettably, as the Ukrainian crisis has demonstrated, at a certain point of historical bifurcation the European Union made a fundamentally different choice in favor of expanding the geo-political space under its control at the expense of relations with Russia and largely to the detriment of our country’s interests," Chizhov said. "Incidentally, we agree with our EU partners in that ‘business as usual’ in our relations in the current conditions is no longer possible or desirable."
For Russia, he went on to say, that "the previous model of that ‘business’ is no longer relevant."
"It looks like our partners had been doing business with us with reliance on the far-fetched postulate their own rules and values enjoy superiority and that all other European countries must be adjusted to them by hook or by crook. The European Union’s project called Eastern Partnership illustrates this. It was developed and implemented in defiance of the specific traits of each of the countries involved and the set of ties that had been established in the given region over centuries," he said.
Chizhov believes that in the new conditions the fundamental basis of Russia-EU interaction is to be reconsidered..."

at http://tass.ru/en/politics/821150

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