Tuesday, September 15, 2015

STUNNING: What Caused The Bank Of England To Halt Gold Leasing In A Panic?

"Today King World News takes a look at what caused the Bank of England to halt gold leasing in a panic.
If you look at the following chart, which is quite astonishing, it shows the Bank of England halted gold leasing in 2008, as fear gripped the world and the level of financial panic was skyrocketing:
KWN Bank of England Leasing
If you look at the chart above, one has to wonder, if gold really is a ‘barbarous relic,’ why did the Bank of England suddenly halt gold leasing as the world plunged into financial chaos?

As the world was still reeling with fear from the financial panic, England sent the Queen and the Duke to the Bank of England’s vault to tour the gold hoard in a publicity stunt and ran the headline:  The Queen and the Duke toured vaults piled high with gold bullion worth billions of pounds and briefly inspected some of the slabs.” (see picture below).
The bottom line is that when the shit hits the fan, nobody cares about paper and everyone with a brain, including apparently the Bank of England, hoards their gold and refuses to part with it."
at http://kingworldnews.com/stunning-what-caused-the-bank-of-england-halt-gold-leasing-in-a-panic/

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