Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"The End Of The EU": Merkel's "Heroic" Refugee Response May Destroy Union, Slovakia Warns

"...The question now, is whether Merkel will seek to use Germany's financial and political clout to force other EU nations to soften their stance on refugees. As we said on Tuesday, "the perception that Germany is forcing an unwanted demographic shift might well serve to fan the flames not only of nationalism but of religious intolerance, especially given the likelihood that those opposed to settling the migrants will be predisposed to stirring up fears of ISIS operatives slipping into Europe disguised as refugees."
And that's not all. To let some countries tell it, were Germany to impose its will on recalcitrant states by force, they may well destroy the EU for good. We close with the following from Reuters:
Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed for European unity after one of her ministers called for financial penalties against countries that refused to accommodate their share of the migrants, provoking anger in central Europe.

A Czech official described such threats as empty but nonetheless "damaging" while Slovakia said they would bring the "end of the EU"."


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