Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Institutional Corruption of the Privileged, Or the Corruption of Institutions By the Powerful

"Is it the elite institutions that corrupt the privileged by failing to teach them the virtue and necessity of civic justice, or is it a recurring class of fortunate sociopaths who corrupt the institutions of a people with the power and influence of their ill-gotten wealth?

It is an interesting question.

I think it speaks more about a period of time than it does about a particular institution in most cases, although there are certainly institutions whose influence can become rather pernicious under certain philosophies and leadership, at least according to history.

The credibility trap and will to power, when it arises in a generation, has an insidious influence on most social institutions, because the prevailing attitude of those who set the example and control those institutions for an entire nation becomes one of personal greed and the 'law of the jungle.'  And so lawlessness becomes fashionable.

And the public at large at long last has become sick of it, the cynical deception and greed, the wickedness in high places of privilege both in the financial system, the media, the universities, and in the political offices.

This is nothing new.   It is a cyclical thing.   People suffer hardship, and they embrace justice because they have felt the sting of injustice.  And then they get comfortable, and sociopaths and narcissists use their cunning to skirt the law and rise to powerful positions, and they are swayed by deceptive slogans and philosophies, and they forget.

Do you find yourself listening to things like this and saying, 'well that is how things are, and it is naive to expect anything different.  Better to go along to get along.'   If so, then you have become captive to the foul spirit of the age, and it is time to wake up.  Men go mad in crowds, said Mackay, but they come back to their senses one at a time.

This matter is of interest to all, of course, because until there is meaningful reform of the key systems of our nation there can be no sustainable recovery, and no meaningful administration of justice.

Here is a brief excerpt video of a speech by Ralph Nader, and below that, another speech given at Harvard in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt..."

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