Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Secret Operation Behind Closed Doors And A Clear Sign The Monetary System Is Now In Danger

"...Failure Of London Gold Pool Ignites Historic Bull Market In Gold
When the London Gold Pool failed back in 1968, it launched gold into a 12-year bull market. Gold’s next bull market will be launched when the central planners fail again, and that moment seems to be rapidly approaching.
When gold is in backwardation, it is a clear warning sign that the monetary system is in danger.And now even the Comex – which is basically just a paper market where relatively little physical metal trades – has been reporting backwardation. There is an important point to make here.
King World News - The Secret Operation Behind Closed Doors And A Clear Sign The Monetary System Is Now In Danger
Comex Vaults And The Secret Operation Behind Closed Doors
The hunt for physical metal has become so intense that the bullion banks are even draining Comex vaults, which are now reporting a record low amount of physical gold available for delivery relative to the outstanding number of contracts to deliver gold. The abnormal spreads reported in the above tables are the result.
What it all means, Eric, is that if you own physical gold, be thankful. Paper gold promises to deliver physical metal at some future date can be created out of thin air in near limitless quantities. But they are nothing but promises, which can mean little, particularly like now when physical gold is increasingly hard to come by, even more so when purchasing large quantities. 
So it may be that another March 1968 event is just around the corner. It all depends on how far central banks are prepared to distort the markets with their interventions by keeping interest rates near zero while emptying their gold vaults.
While we can’t look into those gold vaults because the central planners operate in secret behind closed doors, the backwardation is telling us that either those vaults are empty, or that the central banks are shutting the vault door because they are becoming increasingly unwilling to put more physical metal into the market. Both of these alternatives are of course very bullish for gold…"
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