Friday, October 2, 2015

Legend Who Oversees $165 Billion Reveals Why The Actions Of Central Planners Scare Him

"On the heels of another weak economic data release from the United States, a legendary chairman & CEO overseeing more than $165 billion, who is one of the most respected men in the financial world, revealed why the actions of central planners scares him.

Eric King: “Rob, we had a stock market crash in China and not too long ago the U.S. stock market gapped down 10 percent one morning. What are your thoughts as we go through this trouble that you said was coming?”
Rob Arnott: “What’s even more fascinating than a stock market crash after a bubble is the government trying to regulate falling markets out of existence. If somebody says to you, ‘If you sell, you might be arrested. If you recommend a sale, you might be arrested…"

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