Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Warning On The Markets And A Look At The Destruction Of A Culture And A Nation

"With continued uncertainty in global markets, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece covering everything from the destruction of a culture and a nation to the action in major markets.
October 13 (King World News) – From Art Cashin’s note:  (Today we will revisit one of the most devastating economic events in recorded history. It all began with the efforts of a few, well-intentioned government officials.)
Originally, on this (-2) day in 1922, the German Central Bank and the German Treasury took an inevitable step in a process which had begun with their previous effort to “jump start” a stagnant economy. Many months earlier they had decided that what was needed was easier money. Their initial efforts brought little response. So, using the governmental “more is better” theory they simply created more and more money.
But economic stagnation continued and so did the money growth. They kept making money more available. No reaction. Then, suddenly prices began to explode unbelievably (but, perversely, not business activity)..."
at http://kingworldnews.com/warning-on-the-markets-and-a-look-at-the-destruction-of-a-culture-and-a-nation/

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