Monday, October 5, 2015

World Financial System Now At Maximum Risk Of Collapse As It Faces Catastrophic Debt Trap

"Today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events warned King World News that the world financial system is now at maximum risk of collapse as it faces a catastrophic debt trap.  He also discussed the staggering amount of gold buying from China, Russia, India and Turkey.

Egon von Greyerz:  “Eric, the situation in the world could not be more precarious. Governments of every major economy are desperately considering how to save themselves from a disastrous debt implosion leading to massive sovereign defaults. 
They have erroneously thought that all the credit creation and money printing since 2008 would have saved them and created inflation. But no, the deflationary pressures have continued everywhere. And both Germany and Japan have just confirmed how this deflationary pressure is continuing to destroy their chances of survival…

Egon von Greyerz continues:  The money printing of these two countries is not having any effect. That makes more money printing a certainty. The European Union’s current package of 1 trillion euros will be nowhere near sufficient to save Europe. And when I say, ‘save,’ no one should be under the illusion that printing money can save any country.
World Caught In A Catastrophic Debt Trap
The world is in a catastrophic debt trap. Twenty-five years ago it might have been possible to take very tough measures to stop the world from drowning in its own debt. But no government or central bank was brave to make this decision. Having spoiled the people with debt-created affluence and socialism, voters would not accept austerity. So instead the world embarked on a credit-creation bonanza led by “the master,” Alan Greenspan. Thus global debt went from $25 trillion in 1990 to $225 trillion today.
Even though there was a hiccup in markets around the year 2000, the perceived prosperity in the world continued unabated until 2008.  This was the first time that the world realized that the emperor might be naked. But to save the world, another $80 trillion have been added to global debt.
Remarkable $220 Trillion Of Debt
So here we are in 2015 with $220 trillion of debt that can never be repaid. But the world cannot continue to live with these debts, even with interest rates at zero or negative in some countries.  Governments believe that they have abolished the laws of nature by manipulating interest rates.
But like all manipulations, this one will fail too. China and Russia are selling their U.S. Treasuries. And when investors realize that they are holding worthless pieces of paper, there will be a stampede of selling of government bonds worldwide. I would expect this to start in 2016 at the latest.
This will drive interest rates to at least the levels seen in the early 1980s of nearly 20 percent and possibly a lot higher. Of course this will lead to most debt becoming worthless. Money printing will then be in the hundreds of trillions and probably in the quadrillions as the derivatives bubble implodes.
Eric, in addition to the massive global debt crisis, the geopolitical situation is deteriorating fast and is another major risk factor.  
What is fascinating is that virtually nobody in the West realizes what is happening. Investors are piling into the stock market on every dip and very few people in the West buy gold. But in the East, both governments and individuals can clearly see the problem the world is facing. This is why they are buying ever-larger quantities of gold.
I’ve included a chart of the demand for gold in China, India, Russia, and Turkey (see chart below).
KWN Greyerz I 10:1:2015
China, India, Russia & Turkey Buy A Staggering 18,000 Tonnes Of Gold 
Eric, between 2008 and July 2015 these countries have bought a staggering 18,000 tonnes of gold. This is absolutely remarkable.  Just in the first seven months of 2015 they have bought 2,100 tonnes. By early October they will be near 3,000 tonnes. Remember that annual gold mine production is around 2,600 tonnes. So these countries are continuously depleting gold stocks in the West.
It’s quite clear that Western central banks have a lot less gold than they officially declare. It’s also clear that a lot of gold bought by the East is coming out of the bullion banks. We also know that Comex stocks are very low..."

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