Monday, November 2, 2015

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals

"Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals were 56.98 tonnes of gold during the week ended October 23, 2015.

Total gold withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange year to date are 2,119 tonnes.

Through week 43, withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange were running 28.1% higher than last year.
Hong Kong gold kilobar withdrawals pass 658 tonnes in 2015.
Shanghai Gold Exchange
The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) delivered 56.98 tonnes of gold during the week ended October 23, 2015. During prior trading week ended October 16, 2015, the SGE withdrawals were 53.414 tonnes of gold.

Year to Date Weekly Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Through October 23, 2015

Weekly Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals through October 23, 2015

COMEX Hong Kong Gold Kilobar Withdrawals Through October 28, 2015

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures contract for Hong Kong Kilobars has experienced withdrawls of an average of more than five tons of gold a day since it began in mid March earlier this year. As of October 28, 2015, over 658 tonnes of gold have been withdrawn pursuant to this program since March 2015 for an annualized run rate over1,200 tonnes of gold a year.
hong kong kilo bar withdrawals October 21, 2015 chart

China Updates its Gold Holdings

In July 2015, China announced their first update to their official gold holdings since 2009. The People’s Bank of China announced that their gold holdings had climbed from 1054 tons to 1658 tons, making China the fifth largest gold holding nation in the world..."

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