Monday, February 1, 2016

ALERT: Peter Boockvar – We Haven’t Seen Real Chaos Yet, But It’s Coming And Gold Is Going To Skyrocket

"With the price of oil plunging more than 6 percent and the Shanghai Index hitting new lows overnight, today Peter Boockvar warned King World News that we haven’t seen real chaos yet, but it’s coming and gold is going to skyrocket.
Eric King:  “Peter, the game plan is for the West to inflate.  The West has to inflate in order to get out of this debt.  Your thoughts on the central banks, their attempts to create inflation and where that will end.”
Peter Boockvar:  “In theory it makes sense — you inflate your way out of too much debt.  The problem is that bond markets in Europe, the U.S., and certainly in Asia, are so egregiously overpriced that the desire for higher inflation, if they are successful, is going to blow up their bond markets…"

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