Thursday, April 21, 2016

ALERT: This Will Be The Biggest Shock For The World In 2016

"This will be the biggest shock for the world in 2016.
Peter Boockvar:  The continued rally in stocks resulted in the highest spread between Bulls and Bears since last August according to II, right before that market selloff. Bulls rose to 47.4% from 41.2% last week and vs 45.4% in the week prior. Instead of coming from the Correction side, those Bulls came from the Bear side where they dropped by 6.1 points to just 21.7%, the lowest since August. I’ve said for weeks that the shift to the bull side made this index no longer a tailwind from a contrarian standpoint but was definitely not a headwind yet. With today’s reading getting stretched again with bulls now 25.7 points above bears, it now becomes so…"

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