Sunday, June 5, 2016

Maguire Is Right – China Will Send The Prices Of Gold & Silver Into The Stratosphere

"With gold and silver surging on Friday, with the West’s desperate and massive money printing schemes as a backdrop, Andrew Maguire is right, China will send the price of gold and silver into the stratosphere.

For China, gold’s strategic mission is to support the internationalization of the renminbi and be a strong support for China’s goals of becoming an economic power and realizing the ‘Chinese Dream.’  Gold is the only product that holds properties of a commodity and currency; it’s the most trusty asset on which modern fiat currency can be based. From a historical perspective, gold has played an irreplaceable role in times of financial and geopolitical crises and in protecting a country’s economic security.  It is this unique nature and function of gold that give it a glorious and holy role to play during the revitalization of the greatness of the Chinese people and the realization of the ‘Chinese Dream.’’’ — Song Xin

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