Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here Is Why Moves In The Gold & Oil Markets Are Going To Shock The World

"On the heels of wild few weeks that included a missile attack against Syria and major posturing against North Korea, here is why moves in the gold and oil markets are going to shock the world. 
$100+ Oil And $10,000+ GoldStephen Leeb:  “Gold is looking for a catalyst. It will come when oil, which has stayed stubbornly low as other commodities have strengthened, starts to gallop ahead, setting off further gains in all other commodities. The rise in oil will be an inevitable effect of China’s own growth and its role in developing the entire East.We are headed for a world in which oil’s resistance points will be in three figures, while gold’s will be in four and eventually five figures. But we’re not quite there…"

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