Monday, August 28, 2017

Russian nuclear-capable bombers fly near North Korea amid US drills

"Russia has sent nuclear-capable bombers near North Korea amid an ongoing military exercise by the United States and South Korea in the region and at a time of heightened tensions over North Korea’s intensified missile activity.
Japanese and South Korean militaries said Thursday that they had scrambled fighter jets to escort Russia’s Tupolev-95MS bombers after they flew over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea.
Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed the bombers had been dispatched to the area and said the mission was part of regular flights conducted over neutral waters.
“Our long-range aviation pilots, according to an established plan, regularly carry out flights over neutral waters over the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean from their bases and from tactical airfields,” said the ministry in a statement, without elaborating on how many aircraft had been involved or when the mission had taken place.
The statement said refueling was carried out during the mission, adding that Japanese and South Korean military jets escorted the TU-95MS bombers during parts of the route..."


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