Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nomi Prins – Keynote Speaker At World Bank-Fed-IMF Conference, On The Frightening Reason Why We’re All Doomed

"Nomi Prins:  “It isn’t just about China.  This is something that is prevalent throughout the world.  No market, not in the United States and not in Europe, is immune from the fact that the money that’s in these markets is artificially created.  It’s not growth money.  It’s not earned money.  It’s artificially created money by the central banks of the world through the private banking system into these markets and it can evaporate as quickly as it came in.
When you have all this cheap, artificial liquidity perpetuating all the global market increases, when there’s any factor that comes in to disturb the idea of that liquidity being around forever or markets going up forever, things turn around very quickly…."


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