Friday, July 24, 2015

Richard Russell – Despite Massive Propaganda, U.S. Economy Sinking, John Williams Is Right, The Big Lie & The War In Gold

"On the heels of continued volatile trading in key global markets, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, warned that despite massive propaganda, the U.S. economy is sinking and John Williams is right as we are all being told the big lie and the war in the gold market continues to rage.
Richard Russell:  "I strongly suspect that John Williams is right, that the US, despite all the frantic government and Fed propaganda, has slid back into recession. This is something I am not happy about since I feel the future of the human race depends very much on the brilliance and the democratic desires of the United States. Studying the market figures, I can’t say that the market is going my way. 
An hour before the close, the Dow is still under 18,000 and down 126. The Transports are down 168 and hovering just above the critical 8,000 level. The Nasdaq is down 25 and holding just above the big number resistance of 5,000. Gold is down 4.8 to 1086.7 and silver is down 0.18 to 14.55.

Fed And Its Bullion Bank Agents Hard At Work Suppressing The Gold Price
Somebody (probably the Fed) does not want to see gold close higher. Any time gold is higher near the close, somebody comes forth and battles gold lower.
Gold is the anti-dollar, and as such, it’s also the anti-Federal Reserve. In its desire to control the US economy, the Fed has literally outlawed silver and gold and produced its own variety of fiat currency.

The Big Lie
Thus we have the outlandish situation where fiat dollars are legal tender and Americans are told that silver and gold are ancient relics of the past. If people are told a lie often enough, they will begin to believe it. Ultimately, the truth will prevail. As Jesus said, "Know the truth and the truth will set you free."


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