Sunday, November 12, 2017

China’s Bold Plan To Reshape The World’s Monetary System With Gold & Blockchain

"Today one of the greats in the business discussed China’s bold plan to reshape the world’s monetary system with gold and blockchain.
Ghost Cities Coming Alive
November 12 (
King World News
) – 
Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “Early this decade, the Chinese city Zhengzhou was often cited as a poster child of Chinese development run amok. The West derided it as the quintessential ghost city, a lavishly appointed metropolis missing just one thing; residents. Today, just five or so years later, according to Bloomberg, Zhengzhou is a bustling city benefiting from a surrounding network of infrastructure that was similarly viewed as mere busywork designed to line the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats. The new roads and rails put Zhengzhou within easy reach of Beijing, Shanghai, and other major economic hubs. Moreover, the city has become a key link between China and the country’s One Belt, One Road initiative, connecting it by rail to Central Asia, Russia, and Europe, all critical parts of Eurasia. A once nearly deserted airport now sees its world-class runways host cargo traffic growing by more than 30 percent a year…"


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